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Meet Our Team

Where the Passion Begins

We’re a growing team of experts and thought leaders — full of personality minus the ego.
We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to helping others grow.


Peter J. Hicks

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hicks grew up in Western Michigan, has been a Texas resident since 1993, and has been a member of the Bastrop Community since 2002. Peter attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan from 1991 to 1993. He then attended Texas State Technical College, and later Western Texas College where he graduated the Paramedic Program in 1997.  He has been involved with emergency management, fire service, medical transportation,  and emergency medical services (EMS) at progressively higher levels since the early nineteen nineties.  

Mr. Hicks served as the EMS Director for Bastrop County from 2002 through 2005.  He later joined the county staff late in 2007 as the assistant in the Office of Emergency Management (OEM).  Through 2008-2009, he served as the County Commissioner for Precinct #1 managing Road & Bridge Operations, as well as, serving on the Commissioners Court.  His public service for the county continued in the OEM, returning to the office in 2009 in the role of Wireless System Manager until the fall of 2010 when he left to pursue work in the private sector. 

Beginning in 2002, Mr. Hicks also began work as an Adjunct Instructor for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service in College Station, Texas where he helped develop the skills of emergency responders and managers from around the country for more than 16 years.  Hicks with more than 24 years of experience in emergency response, training and exercise brings a lot to the organization. 

In July 2011, Peter returned to public service working for the Lower Colorado River Authority, serving as Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator and Resiliency Program Manager for more than 5 years. He continued development of his training and exercise skills across the public power generation & transmission, water, parks, and public safety disciplines. 

Mr. Hicks has served as Chief Operating Officer for MedicOne Medical Response, a mid-sized regional ambulance service provider whose footprint covered 4 states with emergency and non-emergency service contracts.   

Most recently, Hicks serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Health & Safety Associates, a medical transportation and emergency management consulting firm assisting providers in optimization their organizations.  Prior to this endeavor, he served Director of Client Services/Assistant General Manager for Texas Operations with LogistiCare Solutions in Austin, Texas.  This role gave him oversight of a large portion of the Medicaid Transportation Network covering more than 2 million Texans and nearly $100 million in annual revenue for the contracts. 

Hicks continues to be a member of the Emergency Management Association of Texas; he also holds public office as an Emergency Services District (ESD) Commissioner for Bastrop County ESD #2 as Assistant Treasurer and where he continues to live. 

Peter is a family man with 8 children and more than 11 grandchildren between his two prior marriages.  He continues to practice his faith with Father’s Heart Ministry regularly.  In his free time, enjoys time with family, cooking and the taste of a quality bourbon.  

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