COVID-19 Response

As the global pandemic began to impact the country, we partnered with Epicenter Innovation to provide training and mentoring in the Incident Command System (ICS).  In addition we were able to support for operational planning for Alternate Care Site (ACS) operations, as well as, planning, and logistics section mentoring. 

Management Recruiting & Selection

Candidate selection can be challenging, our team has supported our clients through the development of effective job postings, and developing candidate selection process which delivered an impressive candidate slate for the team to chose from.  This process left the client with a reproducable workflow that can be used whenever a new market is launched. 

Leadership Mentoring

Not every team has a trainer as part of the core, providing a mentor who can be sought out to bounce questions and ideas off of is essential.  Our clients have appreciated having access to an experienced mentor to guide and support up and coming members as they grow into their roles. Video and telephone access provides these members the support and guidance they need as they step into their positions.

Market Diversification

In the medial transportation industry, often times we find organizations who have become dependent on single relationships.  By developing a sound strategy, the have been able to assist partners to grow within their existing geographic footprint by providing services to a greater number of clients and managing their cost per trip/transport.  

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